Friday, February 27, 2009

Absalom Jones Day 2009

Yes, Yes, I know, It's been a month of Sundays since this blog has been updated.  Forces beyond my control have conspired to keep me from fulfilling the obligation of updating, but hopefully, the posts will be coming fast and furious as spring approaches.  
Holy Cross hosted the Annual Diocesan observance of Absalom Jones Day.  This was the first time that Holy Cross hosted the event. Previous celebrations were held at Trinity Cathedral, but with the reorganizing of the diocese and such, clearer heads prevailed and it was decided that the service should be held at the only predominantly African-American parish. 

Here's a report from Andrew Muhl of St. Andrew's, Highland Park posted on the Diocesan website

Eliza Littleton, parishioner of St Andrew's graciously shared her photos of the event with Holy Cross and they can be seen at our web album on Picasa via the Google, Holy Cross thanks Eliza for sharing these photos with the Holy Cross community and with the wider church. 

Here's also a YouTube link of the proceedings.

Here are a few of the pictures of the event to whet your appetite, so to speak.

The Combined Choirs of Redeemer, Squirrel Hill;  St. Andrews, Highland Park; St. Stephen's Wilkinsburg; and Holy Cross, Homewood rendered the music for the service and did a great job if I may say so.

Resident Holy Cross sax man Dr. James Wilson shares his gifts with the congregation prior to the service.

Acolytes from Holy Cross and St. Andrew's come together in a spirit of unity and diversity.

Dr. Ronald Peters, of the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary delivered the message.  A Presbyterian professor delivered a Baptist message in an Episcopal church.  Somewhere somebody's head just exploded. 
The Rt. Rev. Robert Johnson, Assisting Bishop of the Diocese of Pittsburgh was the celebrant at the service, and apparently he liked Holy Cross so much that he's coming back to officiate at our turn of the East End Parishes' Lenten Preaching Series.  Who says Holy Cross doesn't have pull?

All in all, a great day for Holy Cross and the Diocese of Pittsburgh.