Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bishop Duncan formally deposed.

While this does not qualify as "good stuff" by any stretch, It does affect Holy Cross to an extent, so it merits inclusion.

From the Episcopal News Service:

Basically what this means is that Mr. Duncan is no longer a Bishop in the Episcopal Church. He has been relieved of all his episcopal duties and powers in the Episcopal Church, although he still has all the rights and responsibilities of a layperson in this Church.

Immediately after the House of Bishops voted to depose Mr. Duncan, the House of Bishops in the Anglican Province of The Southern Cone based in Argentina voted to make him a bishop at large within their organization. Most of the other primates and clergy within the Anglican Communion who also supported Mr. Duncan while he was Bishop of Pittsburgh still consider him a bishop and maintain that the deposition of Mr. Duncan by the House of Bishops is irregular and a violation of the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church.

The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, which consists of 4 clergy and 4 laypersons now becomes the "Ecclesiastical Authority" within the Diocese and will organize and chair the upcoming Diocesan Convention on October 4th, 2008. For the record, 7 of the 8 members of the Standing Committee support the resolutions to be voted upon at the convention, which call for the realigning of the Diocese of Pittsburgh from the Episcopal Church to the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone, based in Argentina.

St. Francis House.

Here are some photos of the current status of St. Francis House. St. Francis House was the rectory of Holy Cross for many years as well as the home of the parish offices. However, the building structure had deteriorated to a level where it was unsafe for habitation, so the building was recently comdemned and slated for demolition. However, due to the amount of asbestos in the building that had to be removed, demolition had to be delayed. Now that the asbestos has been removed, the structure is slated for knockdown soon. The congregation of Holy Cross holds fond memories for St. Francis House and will miss it greatly.

This shot is the building post-asbestos and ready for demolition.

These shots were taken while the building was isolated for asbestos removal.

credit all photos by pierre.r. wheaton, 2008.

Welcome to A Cruce Salus

Welcome to the blog for the Church of the Holy Cross. This blog was created as a supplement to the church website at www.chcpgh.org. While the website has general information about Holy Cross, the blog will contain more up to date information about what is happening at Holy Cross and the wider Homewood-Brushton, as well as, Episcopal Community. Articles about events occurring at Holy Cross will be posted to this blog as well as pictures from such events, and if I can get our rector to consent to it, her sermons. We will also be posting information about the upcoming Diocesan Convention and its aftereffects particularly as they pertain to Holy Cross.

Holy Cross is on the record as opposing the vote to realign the Diocese of Pittsburgh to the Southern Cone, and if the diocese is realigned, she will continue to serve her mission as a proud member parish of the Episcopal Church. We are a diverse parish with many views pertaining to the recent actions of the Episcopal Church, pro and con. However, the congregants of this parish believe that separating ourselves from the Episcopal Church in order to realign with another Church in the Anglican Communion is wrong.

Oh, and about the name of the blog "A Cruce Salus?" That is Latin for "From the Cross, comes salvation." There are quite a few instances where this term has been used on the Internet, but I felt that this phrase would be perfect for the title of our blog considering that our church is named for the insturment of our salvation, the Holy Cross on which Jesus Christ was sacrificed for us.